Dumbo.is Fantastical


During early 2021, the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO was looking to advertise their new office spaces. Working with Constellation.NYC, we came up with a book creating a false history explaining how the area became so special. I illustrated the fairy tales into photos of the area while Evan Stark wrote the mythical stories.

→ Constellation.nyc

→ Evan Stark

illustration of hands pushing apart buildings
illustration of rainbows coming out of flowers
illustration of tree and an apple
illustration of hands pushing a building
illustration of hands pushing a building
illustration of monster moving buildings
illustration of story book
illustration of story book. There was a giant of massive propotions who lived under the manhattan bridge. They hand one love, the bridge that was their home and their world. To show their love and adoration, they sought to give it an eternal gift, a showering of attention that would last unto the ages. So they assembled the gems of DUMBO, pushing the streets to align with its beauty, making it the center window of a perfect frame. Thus they made it timeless, ensuring it would be photographed into perpetuity.
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