Andrew Maruska

Design Director

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist, Design Mistress, Your Mother's Best Friend

The Leftovers
Title Type Year
Infrared Photography 2019
UnionMain Homes Web Design 2019
Thunderbear Cabs Branding 2017
Desgin x Genesis Noir Branding 2018
Seeds of the Gourd Art Direction 2018
Intercourse Typeface 2017
Outercourse Typeface 2017
Space2 Typeface 2015
Threesomm Branding 2017
Black Metal Gin Typography 2018
Dethbl├╝d Illustration 2014
Spacetron Video Game 2017
Skateboards Illustration 2016
Five and a Dime Album Artwork 2015
The Crop Poster Design 2015
Vacations Photography 2018