Andrew Maruska

Design Director

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist, Design Mistress, Your Mother's Best Friend

The Leftovers
Title Type Year
Infrared Photography 2019
Thunderbear Cabs Branding 2017
Desgin x Genesis Noir Branding 2018
Seeds of the Gourd Art Direction 2018
Intercourse Typeface 2017
Outercourse Typeface 2017
Space2 Typeface 2015
Threesomm Branding 2017
Black Metal Gin Typography 2018
Dethbl├╝d Illustration 2014
Spacetron Video Game 2017
Skateboards Illustration 2016
Five and a Dime Album Artwork 2015
The Crop Poster Design 2015
Vacations Photography 2018