Desgin Gin

Desgin Gin is an ‘American Modern’ gin birthed by myself and Alex Levin in March of 2015. From a simple, semi-drunken misspelling, an idea was born to create a brand with and for fellow creative people and we've been steadily nurturing it since. The work here is but a small segment of the work I’ve done for the brand. Enjoy our shameless buy and follow buttons!

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Web Design

Creative Juices Website

We needed a place to house our cocktail recipes which we were creating for our at-home audience. We built a custom Django web application that serves as a cocktail database, organized by everything from ingredients to mood.

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Cocktail Porn

In an effort to engage with both the creative market and the bartending market, we wanted to create a distinctive photo style for our cocktails. These are used on everything from Instagram to our own cocktail database.

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