B by Brandie

Campaign & Branding

In 2012, Brandie Gehan reached out to me for assistance in building an identity for her new tableware company. I worked as the creative director for the following 4 years, leading a team of 10 - 15 who were responsible for production and marketing. The design and development of the e-commerce website and the sourcing of the line of products were all done in house.

2014 Season


In 2014 we utilized our product shots to create what we deemed "The Kaleidoscope". We had several repeating circular patterns that we could insert any set of plates we wanted to create different seasonal collections to support the mix and match messaging.

Web Design

E-commerce Website

House of 207 - my digital agency - was in charge of designing, developing and maintaining their e-commerce website. It was built from scratch using Magento and had several sister sites for internal and external clients.


Product Design

I led the design and development of the line of products, including the tableware, glassware, and flatware. We had over 120 SKUs ranging from candles to fine bone china. These were sourced by our internal team and produced all over the world from poland to portugal to china.